Let Me Ask You a Question – 7/11/18


Let me ask you a question:

In a general sense do you try to be considerate of others?  Do you see a lot of consideration being paid in the world around you?

26 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You a Question – 7/11/18

  1. I do, yes. It’s how I was raised, with manners and to be polite. No, I see an alarming decline in manners and consideration of others nowadays. It’s like the world has become everyone for themselves, one never has to say excuse me or please, and the level of entitlement people seem to display simply pisses me off. So, no, people are definitely more assholeish than I’ve seen in my lifetime. Of course, The assholes have their messiah in the White House, on tv, and all over Twitter, so I guess they feel like it’s ok to put theirs on full display now.

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  2. Yes and yes. I love when strangers compliment me that my tween says, “please, thank you and excuse me”. When she was younger, she was pushing a grocery cart and said, “excuse me young man” to a guy who had to be at least 70 years old. She made his day. I hope that extending courtesy and considerations will be paid forward by those I extend it to.

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  3. I try really hard to be considerate, I’m often looked at like I have two heads or if it’s a man that I’m being considerate to it is taking as a come on (shrug). I just try to treat people how I would want to be treated. I find a huge lack of it in my neighborhood and in public transportation and I don’t think it has anything to do with my state because I see video proof of it all over the country. The word that keeps getting used is the lack of “civility”.

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    • It does seem to be rampant. In the south I will say there are more people using manners than other places, but there are still a lot of self-absorbed individuals here too.


      • I totally think that there’s been a disconnect as we’ve become more involved with social media and our phones. We’ve lost some of our ability to deal with each other in real life.

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  4. I think so… And this is so thought provoking, that I’ll answer with a post of my own, if you don’t mind. Otherwise I would be flooding your comment box, and I don’t want to break your blog. LOL I’ll bring the link, when it is ready 😛

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  6. Yes I am absolutely considerate of others. It’s very important to me. I would say seeing consideration around me depends on what I’m looking for. 😉 If you look for those awesome, kind, considerate people out and about, you will find them more than the not so considerate ones.

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      • No…not exactly. What I mean is that if you look for the considerate people…whether that’s in your circle or out in the world, you will find that there are plenty of them.
        Sadly, the world as a whole is not very considerate anymore. People are lacking a self-awareness that used to be much more prevalent.
        Basically, by looking for those moments and seeing that they still exist and that there are loads of considerate people still out there, it will help lessen the blow of dealing with the not so considerate ones.

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  7. I do try. I try to be quiet when going to bed as my room is above our tenant in the apartment in our basement and I know she gets up early for her work. .I try to put myself into another person’s shoes to get a sense of where they might be and how they might feel. In general I am fortunate to have many people around me ( fellow riders, my adult children and their friends, my husband and many of my friends) who are considerate of me.

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