50 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You a Question – 7/13/18

    • Good on you! The first person to outright answer the question. Sometimes I find that if you feel the need to qualify then maybe one isn’t as sure as they say. It is either a yes or a no. For me I would say no.

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      • I go back to how I was raised, again. And, with open mindedness, I think it’s a nature AND nurture thing. Being taught compassion, empathy, and inclusion is vital. And maybe not even being taught, but learning through observation of behaviors. My mindset has always been that if it’s not hurting or impeding upon anyone else, go for it. I stand by that.

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  1. I think I am open to listen to the views and ideas of others, however, I do judge and evaluate these when I’m alone, as to what my own view will be. My faith and past experience add to my final opinion, and I respect that mine might not be that of others.

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  2. I would like to think so. However, that doesn’t negate my asking clarifying questions to get a more complete picture. Sometimes, I am generally interested. Other times, I would like to see if they truly believe the position they are presenting or they are making empty claims.

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    • I think the key to the question “Are you as open-minded as you think you are?” is to compare yourself and your thoughts about yourself to your actual actions. Many answered the question as if I was asking “are you open-minded” but that wasn’t the question.


  3. Probably not. If I was truly open minded I would not get so upset about things on the news that contradict my sense of values. I would be able to see the point in the outrageous things that some people are doing to other people. I don’t, so I think that perhaps that makes me not very open minded.

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      • Steve and I discussed this at great lengths last night after we both answered this question. I think had I written more it would have been similar to Sonofabeach96’s answer. ‘My mindset has always been that if it’s not hurting or impeding upon anyone else, go for it.’

        I also think the answer to your question greatly depends on what your definition of open-minded is.

        I think open-mindedness is all about being secure in your beliefs enough to be ok with someone disagreeing with them.
        I do not think open-mindedness means you have to talk about those issues with others, understand and accept their opinion as valid….or come to some sort of agreement with them about it.
        To me, it just means that I am secure enough in my beliefs to not fight about it or get upset about it.

        I looked up the definition:
        Open-mindedness relates to the way in which people approach the views and knowledge of others, and ”incorporate the beliefs that others should be free to express their views and that the value of others’ knowledge should be recognized.”

        Under that definition, I think I am open-minded.

        Now if you asked me if I respect the beliefs of others…that’s different. I can however not respect someone’s beliefs and move on with my day.

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      • I think the point of my question that many are missing is in the wording…it is intended to be a challenge to each person to compare what they believe about themselves against their actual actions. The premise is that humans see themselves as being better in their own mind and is often based off of our intentions not our actions. This is why most people will say they are generous and giving even though they haven’t acted on being generous in several months.

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    • After an experience tonight I would have to change my answer. Suffice to say it was a learning experience and it showed me that I am not as open-minded as I was sure I was. But coming here and owning that does mean I’m pretty darn honest right? 😉

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      • I think most people’s honest answer should be “I’m probably not as open-minded as I’d like to think.” That’s how I see it anyway.


  4. At first I was going to say 100% yes, but perhaps not. I am very close minded when it comes to close minded people. How’s that for a vicious cycle. I can talk to people about differences in religion, politics, and more but I struggle with people who in their own close mindedness will repress others and treat them less than human. So, I would say no.

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    • Do you think the honest answer from most should be “no”? If you think about it humans think they are better at almost everything inside their own mind. We think we are smarter, kinder, more compassionate, more patient, etc. We give ourselves credit. We feel as though we are giving even if we haven’t given in many years based simply on our intentions. We judge ourselves on our intentions not necessarily our actions. Yet we judge everyone else on their actions.

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  5. Yes, absolutely. This is why people confide in me, because I don’t judge them. But being open-minded also means I find it challenging when people don’t see the world in the way that I do. I mean, I understand why they don’t, but it is still frustrating nonetheless.

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