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      1. Sorry, been busy, I missed your reply. I love that shocking aha! moment. There’s always a mystery involved, and the horror genre tends to have the best mind-altering mysteries.

      2. I prefer the more psychological horror than gore for the sake of gore. The latter, to me, feels like cheating. Anyone can throw a bucket of red paint at a camera. It doesn’t impress me.

  1. Absolutely love them. I get an adrenaline rush being scared. I love jumping in my seat and screaming and then everybody around me jumps and screams too. I know its a little off kilter. Not many adults like them. I don’t like the slash and torture movies, just the ones with a scary psychological twist. I Loved “A Quiet Place”. Best horror movie in years. 🙂 Thanks for another great question Danny!

  2. Not the jump scare one. The movies with real suspense, uncertainty and sense of fear in them. Doesn’t that make the “Red Wedding” episode of Game of Thrones a horror episode?

      1. True that! Thats why I watch the censored version.. Or just close my eyes at “scenes” hahah

  3. Yes, not so much the blood and gore, slasher kind, but as a kid I watched all the old ones on TV, along with the B and C grade sci-fi and monster flicks. I remember seeing the original 3D “House of Wax” in the theater, and, as an adult, the “Alien” series. Part of the fun, especially with the lesser sort is wanting to yell at the screen, “No, you fool, don’t open that door!”

      1. The imagination is always scarier than graphic depiction. My ex-wife’s brother’s wife would never take a shower if she was in the house alone after seeing “Psycho”.

      1. I really love the (not sure how to describe them) shit films, can look them one IMDB snowshark, sandshark, tremors (which I am sure you know) 2-5 from dusk till dawn try 2-4, anaconda was great 2-4 iffy lake placid vs anacodna was actually very funny
        It depends on how you look at them, I think saw (the 1st one) was actually brilliant, for me it had the right amount of terror and then then the ending, the rest just seem to be wrong, I can’t explain why, there is a film called Cube it has at least 2 others after it which are very similar on the saw theme but they were not so bad, it seems to me, as we get desensetive as a race we need more gore in our films. Look at Exorcist as an example, people were carried out of that by ambulances. I saw it and chuckled through it

  4. Not since I was a young teen. I no longer watch them and my daughter doesn’t watch them either. It was either Day of the Dead or Dawn of the Dead, in the 80s that did me in.

  5. I liked Creature from the Black Lagoon, and The Claw as a teen. I can not abide what goes for “horror” since the late 70’s though. The Cask of Amontillado was terrific..and just about anything with Vincent Price was worth the time.

      1. Someone else said it. The adrenaline rush. Jumping and screaming in a semi controlled environment of the theater. The collective gasps. I can’t go around doing that just because. I know it’s not real but the reactions are quite beyond my control. Probably does not make much sense but I like to lose control without consequence. And now that I think about it, that’s probably the reason I like most genres of movies not just horror.

  6. I love them. I had to give the up because my imagination was running away with me. For example: when I’d come home from work I would look under all the beds and in the closets. I’m still scared about 2 to 3 times of month in the middle of the night!

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