The Menstrual Cup, Aloe Vera Gel and Me

Lifting Taboos


Never have I ever been so excited to start my period before (except of course after having somewhat unprotected sex; then I was delighted!) until I got the cup. I would have to wait about two weeks or so before I could test it out. I was a bit nervous because of course, anything new can make anyone feel a bit, what would you call it, apprehensive.

I heard a great deal about it. I did my google research and watched a handful of YouTube videos on it and started gaining some confidence.

Finally, the time came. I felt the cramps…my breasts were getting tender and I knew it was almost here. My uninvited (but yet this time very much invited) friend who would take up residence and pay a low airbnb fee to stay about 4 nights and 5 days, would finally be here. Everything she needs is here…

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1 thought on “The Menstrual Cup, Aloe Vera Gel and Me

  1. I learned about the cups in the last 5 years. I have to be honest other than the environmental considerations, they have no appeal to me. I don’t even like the tampons but I tolerate them. I have been curious about the cups though so I appreciated the details. Also, what wizardry is required to remove it without leaving a CSI kind of trail? I mean I spill my coffee on the regular this could be disastrous. Thanks for tackling a tricky topic.

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