Inconsiderate People Make Me So Angry!

Inconsiderate People Make Me So Angry!

DannyLast night I needed something from Publix so I left my hotel room and I drove the 2 minutes to the store.  I go in and buy my dairy-free ice cream.  When I come out there is a lady parked beside me putting her groceries in her car.  She then proceeds to place her shopping cart directly in front of my car instead of walking it the extra 15 feet to roll it into the cart cage.

When I saw her leave the cart there I shook my finger at her and asked her why she would be so incredibly lazy to leave the cart so close to my car that if it should roll 1 foot it would hit my car.  She completely ignored me and got in her car and drove off.

Have we gotten to a place that people are so absolutely and completely self-absorbed that they think they can just crap on anyone around them?  I hate to vent, but it just pisses me off when people blatantly disregard other people.  I hate to say it, but a few bad apples make me want to hate everybody.  Not really, but kinda.




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    1. It drives me crazy. She looked right at me while she was leaving her cart and STILL left it beside my car. The cart hopper was literally 15 feet away! I’m still pissed about it. lol

  1. I think we all have had that happen. What I did notice is that it is mostly the elderly that tend to do that exact thing. Being 75 I notice actions like that. However, I also notice younger people do the same thing. The only answer I can contribute is, try not to let it bother you. Choose your battles. It’s not worth getting upset over. I usually just move the cart if I’m leaving or use it if I am going to shop. If that were the only problem in this world we would be in pretty good shape. ☺☺☺

    1. I get the idea of keeping things in perspective, but it just flew all over me. This lady was not elderly, she was just lazy and inconsiderate. It pissed me off because I just got my car out of the shop from some a**hole hitting it in a parking lot TWICE and driving off. No note, no insurance.

      1. So sorry to hear that. I did have that happen as well but there was nothing I could do except call my insurance company. Try not to get upset, I know it’s hard but I hope all goes smoothly for you going forward. Sending you a big hug.

  2. I’ll take this opportunity to say I feel the same way sometimes, but I’d never shake my finger or say anything. You might get shot! Don’t laugh. Here it is a possibility.

    1. I’m not concerned about getting shot. I’m concerned about a society that seems to be failing miserably at simply being considerate of those who also live on this planet.

  3. Lol. I love your honesty. People like this piss me off too. And yes! Our entire world has become a community of rude, entitled individuals who just don’t give a shit. Maybe I’m old. I’m 52 but I grew up always being taught to be respectful of others. Do unto others as you would like them to do to you. Now of days that sayin’ has become “Do unto others then split!”

    1. YES! Thank you. I’m usually not this way, but I just got my car out of the auto body shop because some asshole hit my car 2 times from and back bumper and drove off. UGGGHHHH

  4. In my culture we would say, she was badly brought up- it reflects where she came from. But living in a wider society now, far from home, I am inclined to say, she is a survivor. She has learnt that to survive one has to push another person out of the way. That is the way of the world, Danny. Politeness and chivalry and other traditional “virtues” have mostly been shown the door.

    1. What does surviving have to do with not taking 10 seconds to park a shopping cart in the hopper? No excuse and has nothing to do with “surviving”. It has everything to do with her being a selfish, self-absorbed, inconsiderate person.

      1. There was no excuse for her behavior, Danny but I am trying to find out where she might have come from. What made her behave that way ? What makes a lot of us behave like that these days ?

      2. Its like- everything is mine, mine, mine. and if there is something left over after I have had mine, that is still mine. I will not share. Every parking lot has my name written on it. Every road has my name written on it. Every food item at a counter is mine- I need it. It is mine. That’s what I meant by survival instinct- maybe I shouldn’t have written “survival of the fittest”.

  5. Our society is breeding less thoughtful human beings. It is amazing and appalling. But I do appreciate it when people say something in a nice manner. It makes me feel bad if I was inconsiderate. Sometimes we do things not even thinking

  6. I think it is up to us to help turn it around. I have said, I will take that in for you! They usually don’t know what to say or do, but maybe they will think about it next time, maybe not but I am not going to give up or give in.

  7. I hear ya! You should have heard me yestrday when an inconsiderate driver nearly collided with me, just being distracted ( texting?) and I have a new car! The Effing and Blinding from me was earsplitting. But all my windows were closed.

  8. In French, we’d refer to something called “savoir vivre” (knowing how to live). “Savoir vivre” is the sum of all these simple rules that makes it possible to live together as a society. Simple, polite considerations that should be innate, but obviously aren’t. When I come across people like that lady, I pray that karma exists 😛

  9. Ye gods, my reader is full of SoapBoxSaturday prompts today! Ooh, might use that…I digress…

    I see this too. Often use it when folk talk about things like litter, ocean plastic etc. Society is becoming lazy, other people’s problem…me, me, me bubble worlds. Last year I watched a team of council workers fill a truck with rubbish gathered between two junctions on a dual carriageway I use. Less than a week later there was crap everywhere again. Blame fast food and plastic bottles? No, numpties chucking it out of their cars because they can’t be bothered to take it home. Shopping trolleys the same process. Parks all over for them and fill your boot and can’t be bothered. Those that do tend to just roll them in any old how too. Not hard to push it inside the ones in front.

    #SoapBox… I did warn you 🤔

      1. That’s what makes it so annoying though. It’s not difficult, takes no actual time to do and shows a little self respect for those around you. Of course, it could just be idiocracy in action.

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