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      1. My blog has thousands of photos. I go out every day for an hour or two in my wheelchair and I photograph wildlife. 2 roads behind us is a prairie where I take many photos. But across our street has been a hawk nest and we have the two babies learning to hunt in our yard. We’ve had owls, foxes and more living in our back yard. We are back in the woods in our neighborhood and about 10 miles either way are state parks where I go with my husband to haul me around in my chair to capture deer and other nature type things

  1. I know my kids love the zoo but I’d rather watch the animals in nature. River otters are fun to watch when they actually show up, and hawks in flight are simply stunning.

      1. Always impressive to see them. Hopefully this year, I can take a mini trip to Oregon with my daughter and see the white wolf refuge they have there.

  2. I used to go to the zoo when the kids were little. A great treat was the California San Diego Zoo where there were no cages. I don’t know what it’s like today.

  3. We used to take our son to the Alaska Zoo which was filled with animals that HAD to be in a zoo for varies reasons. Same with The Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center and the Alaska Sea Life Center. I am personally not a fan of traditional zoos but I loved going to these three places because there was so much emphasis on rehabilitation. But I’ve not been to any of those places in ten years since we moved.

    All that said, my absolute favorite wild animal to watch are Moose! No need to go to any of the above places to see them though. We have countless pictures of them all around our home. They are spectacular! Nothing like a baby moose to make you all squishy inside!

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