36 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You a Question – 7/23/18

  1. well..let’s just look at this logically, shall we? eyebrows are hair. They are on your face..So, are eyebrows facial hair? No. lol

  2. I think they declared they independance from moustaches and beards a while back. I don’t know why. I think they were just jealous of eye lashes.

  3. I think not. The term generally applies to beards, mustaches, and sideburns. Why? It might stem from the long history of changing fashions of (primarily) male shaving or shaping the growths.

    1. I was sitting outside on my lunch break when this question entered my head and I had a similar epiphany. It seems that what is considered “facial hair” is only something men can have. Lashes, like brows are something both men and women have. Maybe that’s some sort of an answer.

      1. I’d say no as eye lashes are on the eye and not the face. They also don’t grow and require trimming as facial hair can. I give you credit…you come up with some interesting topics for discussion. 😉

      2. I have no idea where the question came from, but it is so funny to think about. I still haven’t heard a reasonable argument as to why eyebrows are not facial hair. lmao

  4. Of course! Then there is the old joke about the guy who let them grow your comb over his bald head…..btw, exactly why do men do the comb overs? Give me a bald pate anytime!

      1. I guess lashes could be seen as hair on the face in the big scheme of things,but they are obviously very specific to the eye and a very important part of the eye in providing protection…..so from me….it’s a No for lashes 🙂

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