We didnt have a pool….

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…..when I was young.  But then again we lived two blocks from the beach.  So weekends were spent there.  But the ocean wasnt the only way we got cool in the summer.

Some of you wont remember this, but my aunt took a hose and hooked it up over the clothes line.  And we were happy to cool off there in the back yard with water spraying us.  I looked for a picture but alas guess that wasnt a thing to keep record of.  I did find another way by using a hose and an empty soda bottle, filled with holes so that the water sprayed all over.

The idea was just to keep cool in the hot summers.  What were some of the ways you kept cool as a kid in the summer?  Please share.

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3 thoughts on “We didnt have a pool….

  1. During the summers as a child, there were many things I would do to stay cool. One was run in the rain after a rainstorm, then one neighbor had a slip and slide, but I remember sitting in water on the sidewalk as for some reason it held water and splashing away in our bathing suits. One time we took trash bags after it had stormed and slid down a hill in a valley behind a nearby church.

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