50 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You a Question – 7/25/18

  1. I was about to say “dépends who’s doing the hitting”… But Lacey and Sonofa were quicker than me… now it is just not original anymore, but hey, I did say it anyway…. Meh.

      1. Hmmm… I’d pick my boyfriend’s 10 years old niece, dressed as a mascot with very puffy paws, please! No! wait! Wait, wait wait!

        I want Mads Mikkelsen… I don’t mind the broken nose if it gets broken by his fist…

        10 000$ and the chance to meet Mads… I’m in!! Mouahahahahahah

      1. No, I just don’t want people hitting me. The last guy who seriously tried (in 7th Grade) got a toe tap in a very tender place. He didn’t try again.

      1. Because quick money isn’t always easy money. I am worth more than that. I don’t like pain. There are more reasons, but those are sufficient.

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