Summers Are Great For Vacation, But Awful For…


Summers Are Great For Vacation, But Awful For…

I enjoy the summer.  I love going on vacations.  I love having daylight after work (we observe daily savings in the U.S.).  I love the heat compared to the cold.  There really isn’t much I dislike about the summer.

Then there is the gigantic summertime sports void.  The NBA finals have concluded.  The NFL has not started.  Premier League is still on a break.  The only sport playing right now that I’m remotely interested in is MLB and even with that said I find baseball too boring to watch.  The one saving grace has been that Tiger is playing in majors, making cuts and contending.  If it were not for golf this summer would be a total wash.

When the NFL begins again and I complete my fantasy football drafts my life will be complete again and I can obsessively monitor the waiver line and constantly tinker with my lineup.  But until then I’ll watch the highlights of the Red Sox, watch them whoop the Yankees and wait for the NFL and the Ryder Cup.

Come on clock! Tick, tick, tick.


8 thoughts on “Summers Are Great For Vacation, But Awful For…

  1. The Tour de France. Great visuals and amazing scenery to watch the riders go through as well as French villages with the occasional castle. And we had Wimbledon, And the football(soccer) World Cup. There are lots of other things besides American sports out there in the summer to enjoy.

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      • I understand the doping issues. That has made me view it with a jaundiced eye as well. But I still like to see the scenery and the villages. I watch it at the gym when I’m on the treadmill and I watch wthout sound. As for the World Cup Canada was not their either but I still like to watch it.

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