Appreciate your rude/blunt friend??

Ramblings of a wallflower

NO! ‘Rude’ and ‘blunt’ are two very different things. Being blunt means you speak what’s on your mind without hesitation, it means you are straightforward while being respectful and considerate of the other person’s feelings. It’s a trait I respect in a person; a trait many people take pride in.

If you say whatever is on your mind without considering the effect of it on the other person, if you talk without first analysing the situation the other person is in, then you are not blunt. You are “just rude”. Being rude and hiding behind a word to get away with the bad image means you are too weak. Too weak to apologize, to change your ways and too weak to identify you have a problem. If you are rude, you are simply not helping. You are putting down a person who maybe looks up to you, counts on you…

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