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  1. It kind of depends on your perspective. To humans there are many absolute truths. To others, well, it’s hard to see from their perspective so we can’t be certain.

    1. You have touched on my point. Truth is so relative to the individual experience, but ultimately we cannot all be right. 10 people who see a car crash will have 10 differing stories, but there was only 1 car crash. The factual details of the car crash is the absolute truth. The eyewitness accounts are filtered truth.

      1. You’re right. There is no absolute truth to the human experience, only the experience itself is the absolute truth. The moment it hits our perception our biases take over. Absolute truth is a very fragile thing that breaks apart the moment human perspective touches upon it.

    1. It sure is. I’m referring to less existential things and more to the question of is there a single truth that exists separate from our experience. Early I cited the example of a car crash. 10 witnesses have 10 different accounts, yet there was only 1 car crash and it happened in an exact way. The people who see the crash then filter the event and interpret what they believe happened. Is there only 1 car crash or 10?

  2. One in particular, or as a general category? There is much which people take for absolute truth, but about which they can disagree, even to the point of violence (mostly in the categories of theology and politics). Some hold that the basics of arithmetic (1+1=2, 3+4=7) and an absolute truth, and Eternal Verity. If there is such a thing as absolute truth, I’m not sure we mortals are equipped to know it.

    1. As always you have understood the essence of the question. Of course, “everyone dies” is a truth. My point has more to do with absolute truth as it relates to the human experience not necessarily existential. Philosophy would use the example of eyewitness accounts. 1 event could have 10 differing versions is witnessed by 10 different people. Yet there was only 1 event and it happened in a very particular way. Was there 1 event or 10?

      1. no, I don’t think that would work either. I suppose the absolute truth would be there was a car accident, but there would be lots of variations on how it happened, the people involved, the damage done

      2. So the damage done to the car would change based on who was telling the story? The damage done to the car would be exact without fluctuation. And there would be very specific details of how the wreck occurred. speed, road conditions, angle of approach, angle of collision, distracted driving, etc. Those events would be specific and exact without waver.

  3. I don’t think there can be as we are all human, so there will always a conflicting argument. It’s better that way otherwise life could be boring, I love, ‘Ah, but what if?’ 😜

    1. I get the point that our perspective influences our truth, but ultimately there is a true truth. If you and I watch a pencil fall from a desk and it bounces twice before coming to rest and you say it bounced once it doesn’t change the fact that it did not. What do you think?

      1. Touché, good point, but I would have to witness it bouncing twice, say I blinked on the second bounce? My truth would be that it only bounced once, I would need to have blind faith in your perspective/observation to believe it bounced twice 😀 So am I saying that absolute truth has to be based on absolute trust or blind faith? Hmmm 🤪

    1. What about more in a general way? Events happen and people’s perspective influences their view, but that doesn’t change the truth in how the event transpired.

      1. Of course. I was thinking more of things we know to to be undeniably true. And also inevitable. Hence my choice of “death”. What do you think about people who say that man has not got to the moon that is just fake or that the holocaust did not take place. There are people who believe the earth is flat. Oh good grief….how did I get on to all this on a sunday morning? Anyway ….

      2. Flat Earthers boggle my mind. We can determine the curvature of the earth without leaving the planet. It is round not flat. lol

  4. I don’t believe there is an absolute truth. Schools teach us that squares have 4 corners and circles are round. That 2+2=4. Those are unchallenged absolute truths. Different religions teach that their god is the only god. This is an absolute truth that is challenged by other people’s absolute truth. Think about how people viewed the world 1000’s or even 100’s of years ago. We are constantly evolving, learning, discovering and inventing. We are just a tiny spec in a huge untapped universe. Absolute truth is a narrow minded philosophy, and one sells the human race short.

    1. So you are saying if 4 people watch an event happen and then the 4 perspectives produce 4 absolute truths? Then how do you explain the fact that the event had very specific things that actually happened? For instance, said event gets videoed and then compared to the eyewitness accounts. The event had truths which are unmistakable and undeniable regardless of the eyewitness accounts.

      1. Ok, I’ll give you that there are actions and events that are absolute truths, but they are just a thin veneer. The causes and circumstances of those truths are not as absolute. So sure there are absolute truths as long as you’re happy with just looking at the surface and don’t dig too deep.

      2. Another example is there is an exact number of grains of sand on Earth. We would not be able to count them, but there are still an exact number.

      3. That number is in constant flux due to the elements and erosion. So it’s variable not absolute.

      4. If you hit pause and there was no erosion and no changing elements. It would be a controlled environment. There would be a fixed definite number.

      5. Yes, in science things can be manipulated to create a manufactured absolute truth, but then is that really truth?

        If you want to get really philosophical, the pause button on Earth, there would be nobody to count that sand. The old of a tree falls on the woods thing comes into play.

      6. You are going down a road I hadn’t planned on. My point is more toward science and knowing truths, not espousing a falsehood as a truth and misleading people.

      7. Fair enough, I’ll compromise and say that at this time there are absolute truths “as we know them”. I do believe that we should never stop questioning, no matter how absolute we believe a truth to be.

  5. Honestly, I think everyone could find one absolute truth.
    It would be what they believe in their heart to be the absolute truth.
    No one elses absolute truth would match that.

  6. To me there are no absolutes period be it truths or anything else. Always and never is usually something in between. Perception comes close to being the absolute truth for the individual who perceive it. Maybe better said as I believe there is no universal absolute truth. My head hurts now. Thanks for making me think 🤔

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