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So, I have been terrible about writing.  I call myself a writer and, sometimes, even when the brain is frozen, you just gotta write.  So, a quickie true story for you for no real reason–for what it’s worth.

I drive for Uber.  Now, no matter where you live in the world, I’m sure you’re familiar.  It’s like a taxi service without the price gouging.

When I’m driving, I keep the radio on a little known, independent radio station, here in Tucson.  I like them because they’ll play anything.  You’ll hear a song by the Ramones followed by a song by Louis Armstrong.  Odds are you won’t like everything they play, but odds are equally likely that, if you listen long enough, you’ll hear SOME thing that you’ll like.  I usually keep the volume down low if I have a customer.  Big lead up for a small story.

Anyway, so this…

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