Something Really Odd I Noticed Lately…

Something Really Odd I Noticed Lately…


Something Really Odd I Noticed Lately…

As many of you know my blog really focuses on helping other bloggers get some recognition.  In reality my blog is a small hub for bloggers to network and then occasionally I’ll post one of my classic rants or thoughts.  As it relates to the networking I noticed something the other day on my Reblog link post.

I only have one rule for the Reblog post and that is to reblog my post if you would like to leave a link.  If you leave a link, but do not reblog I will still share your work with others, but I noticed a couple of bloggers the other day “fake” reblogged my post.

I discovered a couple of bloggers last week left a link for me to reblog and were kind enough to reblog my post out to their followers.  As is my habit, I thanked them and told them I would add their link to the list.  When I returned a couple of days later to reblog their post, I noticed they had deleted the reblog of my post from their page.  In essence they reblogged me so it showed up in my notifications, but then deleted it from their page.  My thought was they did this to get help from me, but were not actually interested in helping me.  It didn’t sit well.

What are your thoughts?  How would this sit with you if you were in the same situation?  I know it isn’t a huge deal, but it just hit me as incredibly deceptive.  Of course I didn’t reblog their page because of their actions.  I’ll be curious to know what you good people think.



40 thoughts on “Something Really Odd I Noticed Lately…

  1. Danny, this practice is not unusual. There are certain bloggers who make a habit of reblogging and then deleting the reblog. I find it curious and concluded they were out to get exposure for their blog for selfish reasons. There are so many great bloggers, that I keep stepping and ignore the ones that are not. Thank you for your kind heart and promotion of others. 🙂

    1. I find this interesting as I’ve never noticed it before. Maybe, as you say, it is prevalent, but it seems like a lot of effort to go through. It’s no biggie but it bothered me that they came across as so self-focused that they would reblog and then delete it. Wow.

  2. Not sure. I rarely reblog stuff, so this hasn’t happened to me, that I know of. But, any time somebody tries to take advantage of me in some way, it doesn’t sit well, no. So I don’t blame you for being a bit peeved.

    1. “Taking advantage of” is the perfect way of stating it. I’m just trying to do something nice for people and ask for very little if anything in return.

  3. “Selfishness must always be forgiven you know, because there is no hope of a cure”
    Jane Austen
    We are wiser by forgiving these souls and move on.We have some weird creatures in the world we have to live with.
    We are grateful Danny for your yeoman service,time and again,I have been expressing

  4. That is odd. I wonder whether those people generally avoid reblogging and want their blog to be only their material. Maybe they hit the Reblog button by mistake?

  5. Is this the expecting something for nothing syndrome? but in fact it is more deceptive than that as they reblog and then delete the reblog. Why? Do they need the space on their sites? They don’t want people diverting to your site? Anyway you are generously offering some promotion to them and they should return the favor.

  6. How rude! It seems to me that if one reblogs a post it is because it spoke to them in some exceptional way and they really want to share that feeling, or those thoughts. I would never reblog then delete, and if someone did it to me I would have a hissy fit.

  7. I can’t say I’ve noticed this on WordPress but I’ve only been reblogged a couple of times, it’s certainly wrong in my book. Although I was guilty of this the other day, the person I reblogged took the post down after I reblogged it? Instagram is a nightmare for people following you then after you follow back they unfollow, which again I think is wrong 😠

  8. To be honest… I never noticed this happen before from people who have reblogged my work. Then again, I was like you. I would thank the person because I appreciated them sharing what I had written. I never went back to their sites to see if it was deleted.

    1. I found out by complete accident when I clicked on their reblog link to my post from my comments. When I noticed it was broken I checked other reblogs from her and they were all deleted from her page. It feels shady.

  9. One thing that gets up my nose is when I blog, or schedule a post, and ‘likes’ follow faster than I can blink. Now, I know I may be online at times when I’m notified of a post of someone I follow but I actually read the post first and perhaps comments. But, when I have posted a short story of almost 2,000 words, I doubt if there are too many speed readers out there to get that many likes within 15 seconds of posting. Yes, I find this frustrating.

    One other inccident left me wary; even deleting one follower for this contiuous practice on mine and bloggers post that they follow. It was when this blogger just reblogged my post to promote it for me. I even thanked them only to find a week later none of the likes and comments were on my original post on my blog. They were all on the rebloggers blog. This I find disturbing.

    Sorry, didnt mean to use your post for my rant but yes, I would find your incident frustrating. I’m proudly leaving your blog post on my blog. 🙂

    1. No problem, feel free to vent. lol I complained about those very things a couple of years ago, but after 4 years of doing this I don’t pay it much attention. But there was a time when these types of things made me annoyed.

      1. In 4 years it probably won’t bother me either but right now this blogging thing is hard work and I don’t need followers like that. 😝
        Have a good day…or night whatever time it is where you are. 🙂

  10. My posting has been almost as erratic as the rest of my life since I started my blog in 2014. I’ve followed you for some time. My tech skills are woefully lacking, so I’ve never tried to send a link for reblogging. If this happened to me, I would probably react the way you did. Keep on keeping on, you will outlast the selfish.

  11. I was 51 when I began blogging. I’ve been writing for years, but didn’t show it to many people, so i got my words “out there”. I’m currently writing a memoir and a collection and have people interested in publishing me because I’m getting the words out there. Hope that helps. I just woke up. 🙂

      1. That’s not the issue. Here’s what happened…Your comment “I just needed to get some words out there…” showed up as an individual comment not a part of the longer thread so there was no context for the comment. I went back to the full comment thread and it made sense. Sorry for the confusion. 🙂

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