Let Me Ask You a Question – 7/31/18

Let Me Ask You a Question – 7/31/18


Let me ask you a question:

There was a time in the not so distance past that humans believed the earth to be flat and some races or genders to have smaller brains.  Is there something that humans currently believe to be true that you believe is completely wrong?


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    1. What strikes me is there are some respected people who are buying this. An NBA player, Kyrie Iriving, went to Duke and he believes the Earth is flat. lol

      1. I believe global warming is happening. As a dad of an autistic son, I do not believe that immunizations are the root cause. I believe it’s the use of pesticides and GMO’s in our food supply.

      2. Hahaha. Believe it or not, I think about politics very infrequently. The hype machine seems to be focused solely on politics currently. The devisiveness is off the charts. In terms of your original question though, I rarely buy the hype on the latest fad diets. Most seem to be either ineffective or unsustainable, or both.

  1. I think there is a lot I don’t believe in some have been mentioned. I also think there are certain theories out there that can be a damn disgrace. 911 or Sandy Hook being fake for example, I can kinda see conspiracy theories but to flat out refuse to believe they happened is just bad. There are stacks of other things as well, but some not as clear cut, religion is a good one, I can’t prove its fake, they can’t prove its real. Ghosts are another one. I can probably name stack loads.

    1. My first thought goes to vaccines. In 100 years we are going to look back on vaccines and all the chemicals in them and view them as we now view mercury use in making hats.

  2. I also hesitate to answer this, as I don’t want to be involved in trying to defend my stance on certain subjects, but this kind of goes back to your question about being open minded. I believe what I believe, and feel I’ve put research and inquiry in use to come to my conclusions. It’s not my job to defend or defer to the opinions of others.

    1. Thank you for your thoughts as you are the first to actually post an actual thought. I wonder how we are going to view vaccines in 50 years. Science is always developing. I also wonder how we are going to view the modern use of mobile devices by young people.

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