The Queen is in the Kitchen Again

A Jeanne in the Kitchen

They say necessity is the mother of invention, and I truly believe that.  The “Queen of Leftovers” originated many moons ago, and she has just grown and become so much more creative over the years.  She has become my alter ego while in the kitchen.  My parents were both Depression/ WWII babies, and food was often scarce.  That was something they never forgot, and so when I came along, I was always raised with the concept of “waste not want not”, and it has been with me throughout my whole life.  Thus, the “Queen of Leftovers” was born.  The Queen comes into my kitchen quite often and was in my kitchen again yesterday.  This time she made soup and quesadillas from some of the leftovers we had from our burger party The Burger Bar .  It wasn’t the perfect soup weather, but it was much cooler than it had been…

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