42 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You a Question – 8/1/18

      1. I’m not saying I haven’t cut corners, but these days I don’t allow myself to do so. I like the satisfaction of knowing I did something the right way.

      1. At work? No. When working on a project at home? I’ll certainly try to find the most efficient way to complete it. Is that cutting corners? Maybe. But as long as the task is completed sufficiently and effectively, does it matter?

      2. I view cutting corners as “cheating” not working smarter. For instance, tossing things under the bed instead of placing them in their spot. Or sweeping dirt under the sofa.

    1. I know every person will cut corners to some degree. I think the problem arises when someone’s tactic is to cut corners as a part of their work ethic. lol

  1. If you’ve ever used a “life hack”, “kitchen hack”, etc., then the answer is yes. If you do the same job, over a course of many years, you will learn “tricks of the trade” which is essentially cutting corners. Can you type? Do you use “hot” keys? That’s cutting corners while typing. All about perspective.

    1. I guess so. But working smarter isn’t necessarily cutting corners. But I guess we are back to “it depends on the person”. I view cutting corners as cheating or omitting doing something or slacking off. Doing something the wrong way to save money would be cutting corners. Using a back hoe instead of a shovel would not be cutting corners.

  2. It definitely depends on the situation. I feel you should do the best you can but if streamlining helps you get to the end without hurting the end then do it.

    1. See, I hear you saying “work smarter, not harder” and I don’t view that as cutting corners. Cutting corners would be using inferior materials to save money.

      1. If it’s omitting something important, then no it’s not ok. If it’s ignoring an arbitrary rule that doesn’t lead to inferior final product then sure.

  3. 🦋 If you mean when driving then… No! It’s against the law and quite dangerous.

    🦋 If you mean when creating something then…No! Your creation will never be the best.

    🦋 If you mean following a favourite cake recipe then…No! It will never be your favourite cake again.

    🦋 However, if the corners don’t need to be at right angles then…Why not!

    1. Yet you sight several instances where you say no. I don’t think cheating, ignoring rules or omitting something in order to say you finished is ever a good thing. If you are going to do something, then do it the right way.

  4. Success is not necessarily about connections, or cutting corners, or chamba – the three Cs of bad business. Call it trite, but believe me: success can be achieved through hard work, frugality, integrity, responsiveness to change, and most of all, boldness to dream.

    John Gokongwei

    Thought provoking question indeed.

    1. If you cut corners cooking then doesn’t that impact how your food tastes? If I’m going to cook then I’m going to do it the right way so my food tastes good.

    1. Questions like this one reveal how definitions are out the window. People interpret words in so many different ways. Maybe I get too hung up on actual definitions of words and phrases.

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