10 Summer Drinks to Beat the Heat

Purple Almond Wellness

The consumption of sugary beverages, such as soda is much too high in the USA. Approximately 63% of youth and 49% of adults drink sugar-sweetened beverages daily. During the summer, it’s so easy to reach for a cold soda, pop the top, and guzzle down the cool drink to quench our thirst.

Image result for how much sugar is in your drinkSOURCE

BUT…does this quench our thirst? What exactly happens to us when we drink soda? This video is a good reminder for a soda addict, such as myself, just how horrible soda is for the body!



While water should always be your go to drink, at all times of the year, but especially during the summer heat, we all need a refreshing treat now and then. I’ve gathered together 10 amazing summer drinks, that are healthier than regular soda. I tried to find  the healthiest drinks possible, but,  some do have…

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