Song Lyric Sunday – “The Streets of Laredo”

Being Lydia!

When I saw that this week’s Song Lyric Sunday theme was “street”, I was immediately taken back to grade 6. Our teacher was Mr. Wharton and it was his first (and only) year at our school. I think now he would be considered innovative; however, in the early 1970’s his style was not considered acceptable. That was a shame.

One of the things that made him a favourite teacher for me and most of my classmates was that he got us where we were. You were allowed to eat candy or gum in class…as long as you had enough for everyone. If he felt that he had lost our attention, he would pick up his guitar and start playing. We would sing a song or two and then go back to whatever subject we were working on. It almost always worked.

I remember many of the songs we sang; however…

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