54 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You a Question – 8/3/18

      • Sorry, the fifth heatwave of the summer is getting to me… I was just joking, looking at your question as if “Littering” was really saying something about me… Like a real person talking about me… Sorry. I’ll take my pills today, I promise… LOL

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      • I don’t understand littering. I just don’t understand how people can throw something away like that without feeling that they are doing something terribly wrong. These people wouldn’t want us to go throw garbage in front of their house… Why do they feel free to do it anywhere else?? I have seen a documentary, recently, about some kind of anti-litter squad, that volonteer taking trash away from certain areas where people are most likely to litter… Because it’s been proven that once there is trash on the ground, people are more inclined to litter too!

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      • I think the worst I have seen is people throwing away dryers and washers deep in the woods! (my grandma used to have her house in the middle of a lovely forest, and we’d find furniture and appliances from time to time, while taking walks…) I mean… they did take the trouble of moving the appliances with a truck, in the woods, down trails…. Why??? That seems like intended litteling to me… *sigh*

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  1. When someone litters, they say I don’t care in a hostile manner. It says they are rebellious, full of pride and disrespect. It says they are self centered and don’t care how their actions affect others. The release hostility in an anonymous way. This is illustrated by what happened to me. I was riding my bike on a bike trail. Two individuals drove by and tossed their empty beer bottles onto the trail, where they shattered.

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