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      1. In the one-on-one sense, but not necessarily of the courtship kind? I think it was in 2000, with Trudy who had been the other half of the Crisis Team (alternating shifts) and had moved over to Kids’ Case Management. She came back to Crisis about a year later, so it is just as well it didn’t get romantic because that wouldn’t have worked with one or the other of us always on call. We went to a movie, but I don’t recall which one.

  1. While we were on vacation two weeks ago. We went to dinner, watched the sun set over the bay, then went to a pub for drinks and to see a friend perform. Been busy since getting back from that trip, but we do at least one date night per month.

  2. We don’t really do date nights in that sense, we spend most of our evenings at home, I think our last evening together, where we turned off all computers we shared a bottle of wine and watched funhouse massacre (don’t watch it, its shite)

    1. Evelina and I do something together once per week. Even if it is going for a long walk at the park or playing a board game. We shut everything down and pay attention to each other.

  3. Last Thursday we celebrated out 34th anniversary by driving to where our daughter and her fiance live and went out for dinner with them to a lovely golf course and sat outside looking out over the beautiful course and had a delicious dinner. We do not get to see them that often, just the two of them, as they have a blended family of 3. So it was really a lovely evening.

      1. Hubby has been in the RAAF since January 1972. Although not actually away from each other in distance or months at a time but most jobs/postings aren’t 9 to 5 Monday to Friday.

        We have just always made time for each other chatting about us, our dreams, our family, our happiness and sadness. We are best friends and have always made sure that we keep our romance alive.

        ‘live chat’ referring to many couples we see in restraunts with phones in their hands and not focusing on each other.

        Our phones are usually on silent for ‘our time’.

  4. We don’t go out much because it’s just not our style but we have at home dates every week. Movies…take out….board/card games.
    We spend a lot of our downtime together so there is no lacking in that area for us. 🙂

  5. I asked him just 10 minutes ago!!! I said hurry home and lets go on a date! We have weekend dates where we travel around to take photographs in state parks and prairies but I wanted an actual dinner date so I asked for one. Although he’ll have to drive. I still asked

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