You Know You Travel A Lot When You…


You Know You Travel A Lot When You…

If you know someone who travels as a part of their job, then you might understand the challenges that come along with doing so.  Being a road warrior is not easy on the mind, the body or the family and it takes a tremendous amount of communication with loved ones to make sure relationships are being maintained.  Funny things happen though when you find yourself in a hotel room for half the month…

Yesterday I forgot to set up the percolator because I had it in my mind that I could simply walk downstairs and the coffee bar would be set up.  I will admit I miss the coffee bar when I’m home, but of course the trade-out is worth it.  Nothing compares to being home with Evelina and Bentley.

Funny thing #2, I looked in my wallet yesterday afternoon to make sure I had my debit card and noticed my hotel room card wasn’t in my wallet.  As I began to look around the kitchen for it I realized I wasn’t in a hotel.  Ha!

This coming week I will be in Quincy, Massachusetts which is about 90 miles east on I-90 from the town in which I was born.  On October 17, 1972 I was born in Mt. Holyoke Hospital and I always love being near Boston Mass because of the history about the revolutionary war.  Boston is my favorite city in the U.S.

My hope for you is that you have a restful Sunday and quality family time!




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