A Quick Update For Those Who Are Interested…8/6/18

A Quick Update For Those Who Are Interested…8/6/18


A Quick Update For Those Who Are Interested…

I went to my GI doctor last week to get a check up on the ulcerative colitis issue and things went pretty good.  I am no longer having the stabbing stomach pains so we are going to slowly ween off of the steroid over the next 3 weeks.  Hopefully the gastro issues will normalize a bit and I can go off all the medicines.

The good news is there will not be surgery in my near future.  I have a simple procedure scheduled for October to check the GI tract and make sure the infection has subsided.  If it has then all is good.  This will allow the doctor to confirm that there has been no development in polyp growth.  In April I had 5 pre-cancerous polyps, which combined with the ulcerative colitis puts me in a high-risk bracket for colon cancer.  Worst case scenario they will take part of the colon out and that will eliminate the cancer risk.

Of course I’m more concerned about the cancer scare than anything else so I’m in favor of anything that eliminates the “C” word.

For now all is well, which makes me happy.  I hope you have a great Monday my friends!



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  1. Well, that’s some good news. Praying it all works out. Since you’re at risk for colon cancer, if you don’t already take vitamin D, you may want to start. I was put on that after my colon surgery and found I out I was also deficient in it. It’s the vitamin you want to keep that particular cancer at bay.

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