52 Horses Stranded in a Cargo Plane at the Singapore Airport.


The Sydney Olympics 2000. All the British horses; eventers, show jumpers and dressage,  52 in total, were flying home on a cargo plane. There was engine trouble. The plane had to land at Singapore and it was not able to continue. What to do with the 52 horses on board in the heat and humidity of Singapore?  Alan Davies, now travelling groom for two of the world’s top dressage riders, Carl Hester and Charlotte Dujardin, was with those horses and he  told me what happened next.

“There were two options. One was to get all the horses off the plane and transport them to  stabling in Singapore. The second was to get another plane and transfer the horses to that plane.  They had to take the second option as there was no transport and no stabling available for that many horses in Singapore.”

“The horses were all in crates with…

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