Why Is It That Hard Work Makes Me Luckier?

Why Is It That Hard Work Makes Me Luckier?


Why Is It That Hard Work Makes Me Luckier?

There are a lot of people in the world who believe life just happens and you have to take what you get.  I have never, ever bought into this thought pattern.  Instead I have dedicated myself to executing a strong work ethic combined with continually trying to learn and be the best at my craft.  I used this mentality to grow my blog to almost 50,000 followers.  I used this mentality to become one of the top producers in my company.

I have noticed that the harder I work, the luckier it seems I get.

Many things in life are going to happen that are completely out of my control, but there are many things of which I am in full control.  I wake up every morning between 5-5:30 am and begin my day.  I walk each day to get exercise.  I use a to-do list to keep my day on track.  I plan my work.  I (try to) make better food decisions.  I dress for success.  I maintain good posture throughout the day to convey confidence.  I watch my mannerisms and language.  And all of these things point me in the direction of reaching my goals.

Some would say there is luck involved with success and to some degree I agree.  You have to meet the right people and you have to be in the right place at the right time.  These things are true.

But I believe luck is when preparation meets opportunity.  People miss opportunities every single day because they are not prepared to seize the moment.  My goal is to be prepared and I work hard to make sure I am.

The truth is I might be lucky, but luck didn’t create my blog page.  Luck was not involved in the hours upon hours of time I invested in learning about the online digital world of advertising.  Luck wasn’t involved in the long hours I committed to learning and honing my marketing and sales call skills.  These things took dedication, commitment and a lot of hard work.

When I was a golf pro I would have other golfers comment that they wished they could take time off and still break 80.  They were infatuated with the idea of being able to so “easily” shoot low scores.  To them they only saw the end result-low scores.  What they didn’t see were the countless hours on the range, sweating in the summer sun.  They didn’t see the hours of time I spent at home swinging a club in front of a mirror.  They didn’t see the hours of practice on the course.  And I committed myself to these practices for years and years.

It is easy to see the end result and attribute someones success to “luck”.

I still say luck is when preparation meets opportunity.

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  1. I totally agree! I love how you put it… where opportunity and preparation meet. Great, inspiring post. I do my best to live this way, but I needed this reminder. So thank you Danny!

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