34 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You a Question – 8/8/18

  1. Yes, it must (unless it really is a hologram or a dream) be one or the other, but thinking too long and hard about which can make the brain hurt (And, is not recommended for persons under the influence of certain drugs.)

  2. dunno. I need to hop in my star cruiser and go find out. I may need to take some supplies with me like some M&M’s or something like that.

      1. Why do you think that is? Yes we are living a 3D reality. That adds a level of complication but we are still energy and it doesn’t mean our thoughts and experiences need to be limited or closed off

      2. That’s the thing Danny, we don’t have to try to understand. All God, by whatever we choose to call the Godhead, asks is that we open ourselves and trust. When we open ourselves to the infinite possibilities of the Godhead, he teaches us what is beyond our human capability to understand.

      1. Whether you think about it on religious terms or scientific, that amount of power is beyond what our brains can conceptualize.

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