19 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You a Question – 8/9/18

    1. I think this should be a default for all humans. And just as I think this I run into someone who cares so much about stuff that they put the stuff above all else. I wonder what happened to them when they were a child to create that type of thinking?

  1. Yes. I can’t think of a single person who would think otherwise about me or my husband. We live a very simple lifestyle that’s based far more on family and relationships than money or any possession.

      1. Maybe it’s a confidence thing for some people. You have to have what ‘everyone’ else has to be as good as they are. To compete. I also think that we have been taught for so many years that we are supposed to own a home..have a nice car…go on vacation…and so on that most people feel like that is what success looks like.

      1. Mostly, I’ve been busy with home projects. Driving down our Main St. on a weekend, I’m pretty sure we have a good supply of tourists. I remember when my parents moved here in 1980, the town more or less rolled up the sidewalks after Thanksgiving until about Easter, but now we are a year round destination, although downtown parking is a bit easier in the Winter.

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