Out of Service…

Cyranny's Cove


Last night, my beloved keyboard died.

I don’t know if it went out peacefully in its sleep, or if it suffered a long, painful death. I don’t know if it had some rare keyboard disease, or if it commited suicide (I pretty much doubt that, given the love and constant attention it recieved from my cuddling fingers… Then again, you never know, right?)

I just found it lifeless this morning.

This means no blogging for a couple of days, at least. No writing offline either, unless I take some pen and paper out… But I doubt I’ll do that. I’ll still come and have a look around, and I’ll take care of the Word of the Day Challenge when it is my turn to do so, but that should be about it.

I only have my tablet, and that onscreen keyboard makes it impossible to type more than a line or two without going insane. It…

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