Let Me Ask You a Question – 8/10/18


Let me ask you a question:

How many blogs do you follow and with how many can you realistically interact?

29 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You a Question – 8/10/18

    • I put answering questions, reading their pages and commenting on their page in the category of interacting. And the interacting is the “work” part of blogging. It is tough.


  1. I think I follow about a thousand but some are inactive now, some are just shopping sites etc I guess I interact with around twenty sometimes more, it’s a difficult one sometimes I might interact once a year. But friends are like stars you don’t always see them but you know they are there. Or, at least that’s what my wife’s little plaque in the kitchen says 😘

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  2. What a provocative question.
    Because of what you are insinuating, I think more than twice before clicking that “Follow” button. However, it helps when some of the people you are following quit. I try to interact with as many as I can. There was a time when I read (and commented) on every post in my Reader. I have less free time these days, but there still are days when I do just that.

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  3. I’m not really sure how many I follow, but it’s likely around 1,000, with that number acquired over a 3 year period. There’s only 2 that I’ve unfollowed over that time, mainly because they were assholes. How many do I consistently interact with? Maybe 50 or less. And it’s not for a lack of trying on my part. I always comment when I follow somebody new. Sometimes, I don’t get one response back. I still follow though. This is kind of a bizarre little world at times. 😃

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    • It is a strange world. I am like you in that I follow a lot of pages. Often times I get zero interaction in return and that is okay. Then some bloggers get upset at me because I don’t read their page every day. This is one of the top emails I get believe it or not. People get their feelings hurt it seems. Meanwhile here I am trying to read almost 14,000 bloggers who follow me across the web. No chance for me to get to everyone in a 2 year cycle.

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  4. Without actually counting (some are not on WordPress), I’ll say 25, but some are not very active. I do try to interact, at least to do a “LIKE” to show I’ve seen it, and comment when I have something to say, and reblog a lot.

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  5. 🦋 I follow about 100 more than follow me. I have to admit I have my favourites that I have set for regular notifications and intereact but then on my reading days/nights I will go to reader and catch up on as many as time allows. I pick up more followers after my reading, liking, commenting time than when I just interact with the regulars.

    🦋 I think it’s the variety of blogs that intrigue me. I follow other poets, fiction writers, photographers, gardeners and Chrstian bloggers. I even have a favourite cooking and health related blogger or 2 I follow.

    🦋 Balance is difficult with too many topics. But hey, why not? I ran out of books on the book shelf. 😉

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  6. 336 to be precise. But I do not really inter act with all of them. There is a core group that I always try to keep up with. I always try to keep up with fellow horse bloggers. Also there are a poets that write so well I like to keep up with them too.

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  7. I follow 401 blogs to this day… I have no idea how many I keep in touch with on a regular basis, but that would be a lot. As I keep Learning along this blogging journey, I appreciate more and more people who are regulars on my blog, and who take the time to comment every now and then. I know how, while the list of the blogs we follow extends, it is difficult to give everybody the deserved attention.

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