Wow My Habits Are So Incredibly Powerful

Wow My Habits Are So Incredibly Powerful


Wow My Habits Are So Incredibly Powerful.

Have you ever spent time taking account of your habits?  Maybe assessed what you do each day and what types of results your habits produce?  Maybe you just see your results, which you don’t like, and wonder how you can make a change?

Something simple happened lately that reminds me daily as to how powerful habits can be.  Around 10 days ago I had to change the password to my laptop.  I travel quite a bit and connecting to public networks at hotels requires me to change my password once a month.  Anyway, you would think after 10 days that I’d automatically enter the new password, but after this much time I still find myself defaulting to the old login.

It reminds me of how ingrained habits become and how difficult it is to change them.  A habit is like a wagon trail rut-deep and difficult to escape.

Image result for deep motocross ruts

Of course this is a great thing if the habit is exercising or choosing better foods or controlling one’s finances.  But the rut can be bad if the opposite is the case.

For me it is important to assess my actions to make sure I am practicing solid daily habits.  My actions produce results.  If I don’t like the result then I must adjust the action.

It’s a pretty simple concept to say, not so much to always do.

Hope you have a wonderful Friday and weekend my friend!



9 thoughts on “Wow My Habits Are So Incredibly Powerful

  1. Reminds me of the famous Socrates saying, “The unexamined life is not worth living.”
    It’s the opposite of unproductive self-absorption… Rather, it is constructive, as you say — and even crucial for balance and peace — to periodically examine our habits, and to see how they and other impulses are driving us.
    [Hi Danny! Good to see you! (Tnx for the Like.) ] 🙂

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