Ever Feel Like You Have Lost Your Way?

Ever Feel Like You Have Lost Your Way?


Ever feel like you have lost your way?  I felt like that from about age 35-44 and it didn’t seem as if there was light at the end of the tunnel.  This blog helped a lot.  Reinventing myself in my current profession helped as well.

When I first started my blog I had an incredibly specific mission to grow my page to a large following.  I’m not sure why I thought this was the best measure, but it was the only one I knew so I set it as my goal.  I’ve almost reached the number of followers I wanted way back then, but now I’m lost again.

I’m not exactly sure what my mission is now.

I love the interaction and I’ve even rediscovered the joy of reading other pages again and I’ve started reaching out to new bloggers much like I did in my early days of blogging.  But sometimes it feels like I wake in the morning, grab the laptop and start typing.  And I do so just to type.

There doesn’t seem to be any reason behind the typing other than to hit publish.  Sometimes it feels empty.

Have you ever felt like this?



25 thoughts on “Ever Feel Like You Have Lost Your Way?

  1. I’ve been there more than once. I don’t know how to get past it other than to keep on keeping on until it changes. For now, Danny, just know that your writing and sharing is valued.

  2. EVery day! I’ve been lost for seven years. My dad passed away. He was my rock. My whole life revolved around him. Once he was gone I didn’t have or even know what my purpose was. I’ve floated around like a ball in the water these past seven years. I’ve encountered so many challenges. However as of late I am really trying to find my purpose in life. Like you I blog, I post a bunch of positive messages on Facebook and Instagram but I’m simply lost in the habit I suppose. When I was young I had a dream to be a writer. I wanted to write a book. Maybe had I focused these past few years on writing a book opposed to blogging and posting on social media I might have already published 3 books! Lol. I would like to say that while you may think your writing at times is just going through the motions but when I read what you write, your questions and even your take on life somehow you always seem to make a difference and inspire me in the area I need inspiration or encouragement the most. If you ask me, when you hit publish that button is divinely guided by the universe. Thanks for sharing

  3. As you may have noticed, my blog has been suffering a lot over the last while. I don’t even get to hitting send. I write a paragraph or two until the original idea for the post runs out, I save it and that is that. Most of the posts I have been publishing have been challenges by others.

  4. I am pretty much in that place, right now too. I still enjoy blogging, still love and need to write, but I have this huge “why?” neon sign flashing 24/7 in my head. Hopefully, I’ll find the answer soon.

  5. It is easy to goo around in circles and lose sight of the main motivator. Since my blog is more specific in the topic, it is easier to write. Personal goals in life, sometimes come harder. Sometimes, we have to take a beak, reassess and decide what is really important to us and go for the goal. It is important to know what we really desire. I have wandered much but really like knowing what gives me satisfaction and going for it.

  6. Yes, yes many times. It typically is an indicator that I’m disconnected from myself if I’m disconnected from my muse or my why. You’re nearing your goal, maybe meditate on what you do want next. Or perhaps new avenues for your blog. With a large following, what can you do with your “power”? Is there perhaps a unique charity or fundraising effort you could initiate to renew your zest? Maybe you need a new challenge, is there a style of writing you’ve told yourself you couldn’t do? Maybe a podcast, videos, or live content? Just some thoughts! In the meantime, toss receptivity for solutions out and I’m
    Sure they’ll come Your way!

  7. I can relate. I’ve felt similar most of the summer. What works for me is to not pressure myself to post every week. I wait until something strikes, something I really want to say. And life gets in the way too, which has been happening. Nothing bad, just a lot going on and can’t focus so much on my blog. It ebbs and flows and I’m waiting for it to flow, lol! Thanks for your honesty Danny, I think a lot of us can relate, at one point or another! Take care!😊

  8. Danny- It seems like I am a in very similar boat as you. It appears we’re about the same age too. I work full time- very early in the morning so I am whooped when I get home. When I finally get motivated to do anything I have family life to manage. Then start all over again. Working in retail most of my adult life hasn’t really given me any skills but to work in more retail, which is just not resonating any more. There’s something creative within me, I can feel it, but I just don’t know what it is. I feel like I’ve tried a thousand different things and tend not to follow-through on any of them. What I am just now learning is that we need to experience a lot and try new things and see new places and talk to all kinds of people and learn new skills and learn and learn and learn. That’s the only advice I have for both of us. Hopefully it all come together. Keep the faith! Peace- Vinni

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