38 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You a Question – 8/15/18

  1. Lots of things, secretary, office manager, retail sales, pet and home care, beauty consultant, teacher’s aide, and those are just the ones that paid😂

  2. I worked as an English teacher here in Mexico for 10 years. I used to teach high school and college students. After the birth of my third child, I quit my job and now I’m a work-at-home mom: I do social media marketing work and I also write a blog.

  3. Which decade? OK, most recently, Counseling/Case Management/Crisis Intervention with SMI (Seriously Mentally Ill) clients of community mental health services in California and then Arizona.

      1. It varied a lot, sometimes routine, sometimes crisis, always paperwork. The ten years doing straight crisis and on-call included lot of late nights and phone time with very sad people, some of them quite often.

  4. I was a recruiter for my career working for a large school district. Then I got sick with PTSD about 9 yrs ago. Now I work very part-time (about an hour, maybe two a week) as a rental and marketing manager for my friends wellness center. Im also an author and speaker.

      1. I talk about living with PTSD. I make it educational to help educate and break down the stigmas of mental illness but to share how you can live a purposeful life, even with an illness. I absolutely love doing presentations and interviews.

      2. It is very rewarding, especially when its a small group and I can make it more conversational vs. a presentation with questions at the end. But any format works for me. 😊

  5. Four years ago I injured my back so I am in the process of re-inventing myself. Prior to my injury I worked for 20ish years in retail management. After that I worked as a quality control manager for several manufacturing firms. Post injury I am trying to build a life doing what I am passionate about. That is, helping people through crysal work, tarot, numerology and reiki.

      1. Yes but getting a business going is not easy. I can successfully run a multimillion dollar organization but getting something going so I can live has been a challenge. I have no income. I need this to work.

  6. Talk… I’ve been working in calling centers since 1999 I think. I’ve done pretty much everything you can do over the phone, except selling stuff, surveys and sexy calls (but a colleague and I considered doing that – joking, of course – back in the days I was paid almost nothing to do a job where we got dirty comments all the time). I provided directory assistance, customer service, teleconference service, I took calls and dispatched ambulances, and now, I am in the technical service field…. No wonder I don’t especially enjoy long talks over the phone, unless the person on the other side of the line is very dear to me 😛

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