Today’s Going To Be A Great Day

Today’s Going To Be A Great Day


Today’s Going To Be A Great Day…

I am in Asheboro NC today after finishing up a planning session with the local manager yesterday.  I’m not sure I’ve ever talked about what it is that I do so here goes a quick snapshot.

I work for the largest daily print media company in the U.S. in the marketing division in the southeast.  I started off as a digital marketing account executive in June 2016 and was promoted to a regional manager position at the beginning of this year.

I travel the southeast helping our marketing people understand how to be more professional and better at the sales call process in order to help local businesses get more customers.  I’ll go in to a property and assess their skills and goals and then help them get better.

It’s a fun job and might be the perfect position for me with a little travel and an ever-changing working environment.  I like being in a different city each week and I enjoy working with different people every day.

Today I will be doing a pop-in surprise visit to review some training from last week and to check progress on a few accounts.  After this visit I will be in the car driving to Gastonia, NC (about 2 hours) to finish up a few things there and then back to Charlotte.

I hope that whatever today brings, you find yourself in a good mood, grounded and focused!  Have a wonderful Wednesday!



**opinions expressed in this post are mine and mine alone and do not represent those of my employer or any subsidiaries.


7 thoughts on “Today’s Going To Be A Great Day

  1. I was in marketing myself. I loved my job. I loved interacting with clients every day and especially enjoyed using my creativity to create ad campaigns for my clients. I have really missed my job. I would love to be you for a week. Traveling to different cities, creating and working with people. Enjoy!!! Have an awesome day.

  2. Thank you Danny! it has been an excellent day for me . Weather good. Our son arrived from England as our daughter is getting married on Saturday. It is great to see him. All the best to you for the rest of your work week.

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