36 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You a Question – 8/16/18

      1. Well Im a crazy Aerosmith fan. I think I’ve seen them in concert 12 times already. They were my first concert. Great seats for $5 when they first started out in the 70’s.
        But really, all the bands like Eagles, Stones, etc…are the soundtrack of my youth and make me smile!

      1. My grandmother and times I had with my family that were good. We had them planted at our house growing up and so did nana so everytime I smell one it reminds me of something good even from a time that was bad. My husband bought me many to bloom all around our house so every year I get to be reminded of the good in the past and the good I have now

      1. Yes. Have you ever seen the rain and hey tonight by creedence Clearwater. Reminds me of my dad. He loved both songs. Hey Tonight reminds me of one of the funniest moments involving my parents. My dad and mom took a 6 hour drive to Bellingham in their convertible corvette. Now my mother is not exactly an adventurer. In fact she’s a real prude and holy roller. This trip with the top down and listening to Hey Tonight the entire way was not exactly my mother’s idea of a good time. My dad told the story in such a humorous way it brought tears to our eyes from laughing as we imagined my mother in that car listening to that same song with my crazy dad behind the wheel. Dad said she demanded a divorce when they arrived in Bellingham. Lol. Music for me always brings back fond memories. Sometimes sad ones but nostalgic moments none the less

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