Fit by 50 – Week 49: You’ll never walk alone…

Purple Almond Wellness

This edition of FIT BY 50, is dedicated to the late Aretha Franklin, queen of soul,  who died today, at her home in Detroit., at the age of 76, Here is a little video to remember her life:

I had a rough week, and was sitting here in my bedroom, pondering how to tell everyone how my week went. I was reading through some of my friends posts on Facebook, when a live video popped up, indicating that Aretha Franklin had died.

If you disrespect everybody that you run into, how in the world do you think everybody's supposed to respect you? - Aretha Franklin

I decided right then and there to dedicate today’s journal to her life and accomplishments. Born in Memphis, Tennessee March 25, 1942, her incredible talent was apparent early on. She was self-taught, and sang in her father’s church. Her first recording contract was with Columbia records in 1960.  Her first international hit was the song “RESPECT” in 1967. She was a woman of many firsts:

  • With 18 Grammy’s…

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