I Can’t Make You Want It…

I Can’t Make You Want It…


I Can’t Make You Want It…

I had one single goal when I started blogging and that was to pass along some of the things that I did to turn my life around.  Prior to November 2014 I considered myself an underachiever.  I would wake up each day and whatever happened, happened.  For the most part life happened to me, not the other way around.  But then I underwent a transformation.  I spent a year completely redesigning my habits and my thoughts to change careers and find more success.  I restructured my thoughts so that I happened to life, not the inverse.  I stopped drinking alcohol, stopped watching television, started watching what foods I ate, started reading books to help me expand my mind, and most importantly, started making my bed each morning first thing.

All of my habit changes changed the way I looked at the world, but it also changed how I saw myself in the world.  I began to envision the result I wanted to achieve.  I began seeing myself in a successful position and eventually a new career opportunity presented itself and I scooped it up.

The key was I made up my mind that I would change.  But I can’t make others want to change the way they see themselves in the world.  I believe you can create your own ending, that you can write the script you want.  Then combine that with preparation and hard work and you can transform your life into what you desire.  The catch is you have to believe it, I can’t believe it for you.  I learned this principle from the book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.

I consider myself fortunate that my eyes were opened to this fact and I want so badly for others to realize it also.  But it is not up to me and I cannot make people rethink their existence.  Each person has to live their own life and all I can do is talk about my experience and hope that one other person experiences the awakening I experienced.

And for that reason I type each morning hoping that my story might help someone in some small way.

As Bob Wiley said “Baby steps onto the elevator.”

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!



13 thoughts on “I Can’t Make You Want It…

  1. Thank you .Love your “ Each person has to live their own life and all I can do is talk about my experience and hope that one other person experiences the awakening I experienced”.
    I fully agree,each one of us has to live our own life,and you know , the funny part,each one of us has to die our own death.Love your experience and guidelines as to how best we can lead our life.Thanks again

  2. We can’t control all of what happens to us but we can determine how we react. Danny, your decision to make some changes in what you did, made the changes in your life for the better. Congratulations!

  3. Great write up Danny. It’s true people can only change when they decide to and I believe at some point in our lives we realise it even without being told but then we remember the many times people tried to make us change😀 Have a great weekend too.

  4. Phenomenal post.
    I tried to “change” someone for years. I thought it was to admit defeat if I didn’t succeed. But then I realized that it is up to me to change MYSELF. That’s what everyone can do. Not change others. Thankfully, that person realized that, too. So win-win.

    Why do you think the making of bed in the morning changed your life?

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