24 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You a Question – 8/17/18

  1. Popping the balloon again, eh Danny? : ) I was raised with multiple church dxperiences. My mom was religious, dad was not. At 16 I chose my own and was baptized. My children were not. They were not brought up in church environments. One is faithful, one is not and one was baptized at 25. I believe no one is born into sin, so baptizing at birth unnecessary. I wanted them to make their own choices.

  2. We aren’t raising ours with religion, but we are raising them with spirituality. That said, they’ve been introduced to multiple faiths. They were baptized in my MIL’s Episcopal church in Mississippi. They’ve spent time at a Unitarian Church with a family friends’ family, and through that we’re introduced to many different faiths, from Judaism to Buddhism. My stance on religion is set. I have not forced said stance upon them. Faith, religion, and/or spirituality are uniquely individual. I will afford them the opportunity to explore all or none, and I will allow them to make their own choice. What they believe is not up to me.

  3. No. I was raised in multiple “christian” churches as my mom was an organist who went from church to church depending upon who needed an organist. One week we’d be in a Presbyterian, the next a christian science……..my own kids were taken to multiple religious houses, including Jewish, Islamic , Buddhist, and Mormon..one chose a route of spirituality, the other no religion at all.

      1. I think it depends to be honest, those in religions that don’t believe in medicine and would rather watch their love ones die than have medical intervention I think have serious issues.

        Otherwise I think its down to them, I have no right to judge them any more than they have to judge me. Everyone parents different, I personally don’t believe, but I do have a strong respect for anyone that does, I also think there is a community there that I don’t have access to, which I find a little sad at times. However I can’t start believing in something just to get access

  4. Not exactly religion but spirituality. Religion kind of divides the society as every religion has their own principles while spirituality just focuses on a person’s belief in the divine power and his karma.

      1. If I think that, I am pretty sure there will be a lot of people in the world who would not be happy with my decision.😂
        No I don’t really know if I want the religions to be dissolved, never thought about it, but maybe we could have just one religion which could lead the path to spirituality.

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