Tea and Tales

Good Morning! Okay it isn’t morning but it is time for tea! Today I tried the sample I received from Harney & Sons the other day. Dragon Pearl Jasmine. Look at the sweet little ‘pearls’ in the sachet. They smelled amazing! Unfortunately the flavor wasn’t there for me. I couldn’t taste it. But you can’t hit it out of the park every time, you aren’t the Cubbies.

First and foremost I was brought back from the sleep of the dead at the ass crack of dawn by my sister texting me. Now this chick is up and raring to go at ungodly hours. And by raring to go I mean get her coffee and head to the porch or outside and sit. My half blind self saw just a part of the message. “You need to get on a plane now”. I’m stumbling out of the bed looking like Medusa…

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