Let Me Ask You a Question – 8/18/18

Why do you think religions have caused so much violence over the centuries?

11 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You a Question – 8/18/18

  1. Because they have divided the people to a great extent.
    And plus there are some principles people add on their own even though they are not present in the holy scriptures
    Each religion teaches us one and the same thing but over the centuries people have added on their own rules and sometimes even misinterpreted them.
    Just like your regular high school.😅


  2. I think the cause has two main factors. One is the teaching that “our” way and details of belief and worship are the only true, right, and good ones, and all others are false, wrong, and evil. This leads to the certainty that those who do not believe as “we” do must be converted or destroyed. The second is the merging of political/military authority with religious authority and the use of the “us versus them” feature by ambitious leaders to justify conquests, pogroms, forcible conversions, inquisitions, and genocide.

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  3. …yea I was referring to the mentality that may sometimes rule in a religious communities and organizations.

    That saying…a religious community has its own rules and if someone is not happy about those rules then there is little reason to join in, right?!

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