Wednesday’s Word

Jo Ann Maxwell

Well, today’s word is again. I saw the ophthalmology surgeon yesterday. It appears that the retina has developed scar tissue from the last surgery, so the surgeon will be going in again for another repair. This will happen tomorrow at 4 o’clock.

This time he will need to do a scleral buckle. This is a flexible band that is placed around the eye to counteract the force pulling the retina out of place. This time he will be inserting a silicone bubble. The good thing about that is that I can travel by air. The bad thing about that is that it will have to be removed surgically.

I still have to have restricted movement for the first week, where I will have to be laying on my right side for the first seven days. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it?

This will be under general anesthesia. That worries me a little…

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