I Have Eliminated One of My Favorite Foods

I Have Eliminated One of My Favorite Foods


I Have Eliminated One of My Favorite Foods

I have been kicking the idea around for a couple of years now, but just never took the plunge until this past week.  And I didn’t make a major declaration in my soul to stop eating this food I just decided at one meal to make a wiser decision.  Last week I stopped eating meat and have opted for vegetables.

I was out-of-town and decided to order a vegetable plate instead of baked chicken.  That decision led me to do the same the next day and then the next.  It has now been nearly a week and all I am eating are veggies.  I’ve also decided to greatly reduce pasta and bread.

Don’t worry I’m not going to get obnoxious about it.  With the MS and UC issues I think this will give my body the best opportunity to function at a high level and fight both diseases.  Also I believe eating more vegetables will make me healthier and allow my weight to level out a bit.

It isn’t easy to eat this way because not all restaurants serve vegetables.  If you’ve ever noticed many restaurants serve rice, potatoes and maybe a green, but not much.  And for those who might not realize, potatoes are not a veggie.  Evelina and I ate at a restaurant last night that didn’t have one vegetable on the menu.

At any rate, I’ll see how this makes my body feel in a month or so and re-evaluate.

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  1. Inflammation is a root cause of most dis-ease… from over production of glucose from excess carbohydrates & too much protein. Tom and I have been following the paleo lifestyle for 3 years now and it suits us well. Another cause of inflammation is too much omega 6 found in most oils except olive and coconut… which I use all the time. You’re going to love lots of veg… I make gazpacho (spanish cold soup) a lot and we drink veg juices every other day with apple or watermelon. Take care, love Barbara x

  2. I can relate. I’ve had to give up so many food groups due to my autoimmune disease, cowdens syndrome and cancer. It’s hard. I agree that giving up meat and choosing a vegetable diet will be healthier. Something I should consider. I recently ordered a bottle of protovite. Apparently it’s filled with all the nutrients our body needs. We will see. I will keep you posted. If it works you might try that too. Good luck

  3. 🦋 I eat red meat once a week, white meat once a week (grass fed/free range) fish once a week and the rest of the time I usually eat vegetarian…subject to availability.

    Living with anaphylaxis allergies to wheat and citrus, and a low intolerance to all cereals makes meal time difficult. The most hardest part is to keep a healthy balance.

    Best wishes with your new dietary plans.

    1. Going great. I haven’t had red meat, chicken, pork or turkey for quite a while. I am eating shrimp on occasion. The dictionary says that is pescatarianism.

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