Happily Ever After-the Wedding.


I have found the person I have been looking for my whole life.”

I will tell you more about that quote but first let me take you to the start of the Wedding Day. August 18, 2018.The day my daughter married the love of her life Thomas Matthews.

4:45 am. My husband David gets up. Why so early? Well , the person who will be doing the makeup for the bride and the bridesmaids is arriving at 5:00am.   The bride, my daughter Breanne, scheduled the ceremony for 11:00 am with photos before the ceremony as there were going to be children involved and she felt it would be best for them all to be fresh. Hence the early start.

5:00am The makeup artist arrives and Bride Breanne is already up and ready. My husband drives to the local Tim Hortons to pick up coffee canteens ( holds 20 cups…

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