28 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You a Question – 8/21/18

      1. about three hours one way……it was great. we made a huge circle to come home and saw a bunch of bison roaming around.

      1. Oh, I have taken my flying leaps into the unknown, as in, “I’ll go there and see what happens.”, but those road trips did have a nominal destination and a glimmer of a plan.

  1. I walk when I am in London. We go to visit our son who lives there. London is a very interesting place to just set off and amble about. Since I used to live there I usually know where I am. Does that still count or does it have to be a walk through unknown places?

      1. it is, but its trying to find the right combination of drugs that works for each individual person.

        Its something that I am going have for life (bipolar) but it certainly can be controlled, just need to figure out how.

      2. I can only imagine the frustration of experimenting with meds enough to figure it out. I appreciate you sharing, I feel much more educated now. 🙂

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