Off day

Its good to be crazy Sometimes

Fortunatly my partner was off today, which turned out to be a very good thing, since I spent all day in bed.

I got up around 2, went back to bed by 3. I  was grumpy, annoyed, everything monkey did was annoying. When I get like that the best thing to do is go away, because ultimaley nothing is his fault.

However he does need looking after and his dad is great at looking after us both, he let me lie in my bed and entertained monkey, when I finally emerged I was much calmer, but still very depressed.

I am crying at everything, alot of you left some lovely comments on my previous post, which made me cry, sharknado 6 made me cry, my rissotto made me cry  Anything and everything sets me off. Its not a feeling I am use to.

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