Triumph Results From A Lot of Lackluster Decisions

Triumph Results From A Lot of Lackluster Decisions


Triumph Results From A Lot of Lackluster Decisions…

I work with sales reps every day.  My job is to help them get better at what they do so they can make more money while generating more revenue for their property.  A common misconception on their part is that I’m going to arrive in town with a bag full of magic tricks and those tricks are going to instantly transform them and their numbers.  The truth is quite the opposite.

My solution for them centers around the idea of making a lot of normal, boring decisions to be better.  Typically they need to practice better organizational skills.  Typically they need to restructure their thought processes.  And most need to practice their skill set to get better.

I liken the improvement process to that of someone who decides to lose weight.  From the first day, the weight loss candidate is faced with a series of small, daily decisions.  Google calls these moments ‘micro moments’ and they are defined as crucial points in a customers journey to finding the right business to meet their needs.  As it relates to weight loss, these micro moments occur every time someone has a food decision.  Each time someone makes a better food choice they win and move closer to their goal by losing a couple of pounds.  Over time these small weight loss amounts add up to a greater total and before they realize they have lost a lot of weight.

Being triumphant happens exactly like weight loss.  Each day you make decisions to be a little better and these small daily decisions add up over a long period of time to equate to getting better.  The longer you make better decisions the better you will be.

This is why I admire people who are exceptional at something because I can appreciate the dedication it takes over a long period of time to be good at anything.

So the next time you make the decision to eat vegetables instead of fast food, you win.  When you decide to be a little more organized, you win.  Each time you work a little harder, you win.  Let these small decisions add up to something positive.

Hope you have a great Tuesday!


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