There’s Way Too Much Average in the World

There’s Way Too Much Average in the World


There’s Way Too Much Average In the World…

I see it every day.  People going about their business, waking up, making the donuts, going home and doing it all over again the next morning.  Many people move through life like a zombie not expecting much more of themselves than doing what is required to make it through each day.  I don’t think like that.  I don’t allow myself to accept the status quo and I challenge you to think the same.

Life wants to beat you into submission and most often it occurs through the words of others.  People will try to convince you that your goals are not “realistic” or “practical”.  When kids are young they say they want to be an astronaut or President and most people will tell them, parents included, that they should aim a little lower because there aren’t a lot of astronauts or only one person can be President.  Kids then grow up seeing other people working normal jobs and they decide they will become an accountant instead of an astronaut.

We learn so much by watching the world around us and sometimes this is a bad thing.  We learn to take the safe route.  We learn that dream living is only for kids, not for adults.  Banking is realistic.  Accounting is realistic.  Mid-level management is realistic.  Being an astronaut, not so much.   Being the CEO of the bank is not realistic.  Becoming the President of the United States is not realistic.

We learn to think average and to expect average.  But what if we changed the way we think and changed what it is that we expect from life?

Last night I voiced a new dream I have with Evelina and we agreed that we wanted it.  So now we (I) are revolutionizing our thinking and our mental preparation to achieve our new lofty financial goals so that this new dream comes true.  If I told most people what this dream is they would poo poo it so I am not telling anyone except my wife and it will stay that way.

Don’t let other people put their limitations on you.  Don’t accept limits.  Don’t accept average thinking.  Dream big.  Plan big.  Prepare big.  And be ready to work hard to make your dreams come true.  When someone tells you it cannot be done, then dig in even harder.

Hope you have a great Wednesday friends.



19 thoughts on “There’s Way Too Much Average in the World

  1. I totally agree with you, Danny. We live in a monochromic society that both frown upon and envy those who shine brighter than average. I have a natural tendency to think and dream big, and I’ve heard the poo pooing you’re talking about more times than I can recall… I must admit that, with the years rolling, it is sometimes more comfortable to settle to average, but the satisfaction of achieving big goals is so great, that I still think it is worth thinking outside the box. Whatever your new dream is, I wish it to you two! I know that with hard work, you’ll make it, I just hope you’ll have as few obstacles as possible 🙂 I don’ believe in “good luck” except for lottery 😛 So I’ll just wish you “good success”!! Keep us posted 🙂 xx

  2. I love this, Danny and I agree. We don’t teach our children to reach for the stars. We teach them to follow the norm and fit in and, as you’ve also mentioned, to aim lower. Sad actually…

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    Maybe that’s why there are so many frustrated people out there. People not happy with what they do. Because they gave up on their dreams a while ago, when they were told that their dreams are crazy or not fit the norm…

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