45 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You a Question – 8/23/18

  1. I’m a little bit of both. I can be a real goofball with my mom and close friends. However, I tend to be very serious when life throws curve balls. That’s when I’m at my most stern because shit needs to be resolved, and all my concentration is zoned in on fixing problems.

  2. I’m quite serious but doused in a liberal dose of goofball, having fun is always a great way to get through the serious stuff. So I guess the answer is both, but we could always do with more laughter.

  3. I’m a serious person, totally the opposite of a goofball. I’m the introverted type, so I don’t like to joke around and call attention to myself, I guess. But I’m not bitter or anything like that. I do enjoy a good time and a good joke.

  4. I think you know…but am a serious person. I’m somewhat introverted and don’t do well around crowds for long periods of time. I am told I don’t smile enough. I only allow a small group of people into my inner circle. Maybe it’s because I was the oldest child? Who knows….but never been the happy-go-lucky one in the group and I’m ok with that.

      1. 🦋 Why? 🙂 Being too serious can be the downfall of many in business or in life’s successes. It can also lead to competition and miss out on the good things along the way. It can also lead to insanity…says this fiction writer.

        Then again, being a goof ball can have it’s benefits. 😉

      2. I’m just asking to get an answer. lol So now that you have acknowledged being a goof ball, what is your favorite goof ball moment that lives in your memory?

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