Reviews of the best-selling book “whispers of death”.

Kihali Says.

Y’all good? Hope so! If not, no worry,its only Monday😊This week, I thought it wise to share with you some of the best reviews of the this best selling title with you. I’m really glad that over 80 customers have left a review. It greatly means a lot and I didn’t expect people to like the book.

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Lets get straight into it!

#1. By James Okun on May 3rd 2018. Verified Purchase.
It is a rare experience these days to read a book of poetry that moves you to deep thought about your own life and which is so relevant also to the issues of people everywhere in the world. In “Whisper of Death” poet Kihali Ronald absolutely “nails” the opposite feelings and emotions that pervade all of us.,

I especially enjoyed the many poems about opposite feelings like hope and fear throughout the…

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