Don’t Drink Mojito Verrines!


Mojito is a drink, born in Havana, Cuba, and widely popular on South Beach, Florida, a place where, according to our beloved resident satirist Dave Barry, you can live as close as possible to the United States without actualy being there. It consists of five basic ingredients: rum (are you surprised?), sugar, lime juice, mint, and sparkling soda water.  With verrines and cakes-in-a-cup being all the rage, I decided to morph one of my favorite drinks into a dessert, easy to make at our Lasting Joy club get-together.

mojito cake 1.jpg

As you see, three of the iconic Mojito ingredients are there: rum, mint, and lime. I used two kinds of tea biscuits, plain and chocolate, to make a crust, or, altenatively, layers. To make it non-dairy, I whipped a mix of Tofutti Better Than Cream Cheese and Tofutti Sour Cream with zylitol, to substitute for the fourth major ingredient, sugar. If you…

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