21 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You a Question – 8/24/18

  1. Because I care more about others than myself. My MIL had a saying that really stuck with me, and that I truly believe: “It’s not about you.” I think that’s accurate, that we are out here for others, not ourselves. I seem to be in the minority nowadays, but I give a shit anyway.

  2. I like your answers guys, and from what I’ve read by you, I agree. However my own perspective is, I try. I greet, smile and ask because I am truly interested and have a sympathetic ear.

    1. And that comes across in your interactions here on WordPress so keep doing what you do. It makes me feel better so I’m sure it makes other feel the same. 🙂

  3. the world doesn’t. my tiny little piece of the planet might. I’m the crusader..the stubborn one..the one who knows everyone is equal even when the “world” denies it, and I fight for them. I’ll never be famous, never be rich, but I can damn sure speak up when injustice occurs and do so strongly, without worries about what my own fate might be.

      1. Talk to the wildlife. Tell them how beautiful they are. Send prayers out to them. Feel love in my heart and hope that it emits off of me and others can feel it. Be kind. Notice the good things in people and tell them

  4. Because when I take over the world, they will be world peace, universal healthcare, housing and all for the mere price of a few billion lives 😉

    Seriously, because I might not make a massive difference to many but I know I will make a difference to one

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